Interesting Facts About Malta

  • Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and North Africa (Sicily and Tunisia).
  • In the past, there was once a bridge connecting Malta to Sicily.
  • The area of the island is only 316 km2, which makes Malta one of the world’s smallest countries.
  • Even though the Maltese islands are tiny, major worldwide newspapers are still sold on the islands. The most common international newspapers that you’ll find are British, French and Italian newspapers.
  • Malta was earlier known as Melita, meaning the island of honey, by ancient Greeks and Romans.
  • The Temple of Ggantija traces back its foundation for a time period much before the Egyptian pyramids.
  • The megalithic temples in Malta boast of having a lineage older than England’s Stonehenge.
  • Malta is believed to have served as the site of the legendary city of Atlantis.
  • Mosta Dome is the third largest unsupported church dome in Europe.
  • The University of Malta is one of the oldest universities in Europe and was founded in 1592.
  • Valletta has been named after Jean Parisot de la Valette, a Grand Master of the Knights of St John.
  • Malta’s national dish is “Fenek” made from cooked rabbit.
  • The most popular Maltese pastry “Pastizzi” has quickly caught up with one of the most popular pastries in Europe. This is filled with local ingredients, but most popularly with ricotta cheese and peas.
  • 38% of the land is arable and here, only 3% of permanent crops is grown. It would be also interesting to know that there is 0% forest and woodland cover in this diverse country.
  • Low hills with terraced fields all across the islands. There are not any mountains or rivers. Coastline composes primarily of harbors, bays, cliffs, sandy and rocky beaches.
  • Malta was awarded with the George Cross, by King George VI (UK), in the year 1942.
  • Malta’s Grand Harbor boasts of being one of the best natural deep-water harbors in the world.
  • The most famous crafts village in Europe, called ‘Ta’Qali’, is found in central Malta.
  • In 1980 in Malta a set of films about Popeye was made. This place now is referred to as “Popeye City” and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in this island.
  • Bryan Adams and Britney Spears are of Maltese descent.
  • The beautiful and elegant Pharaoh Hound Dog is Malta’s National Dog. In Maltese, the breed is called Kelbtal-Fenek.
  • Most famous non-alcoholic drink in Malta is Kinnie.


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