Main Diving Tips for New Divers

  • Be prepared – take theoretical courses, choose right place and equipments.
  • Select reliable and experienced partner.
  • Dive with locals – they will show you best places and help in case of any problems.
  • Don‘t drink alcohol before diving, you should be healthy, rested and feel good.
  • Practice how to remove and replace equipment in water.
  • At the begining do your deepest dive.
  • Do not hold your breath underwater.
  • Firstly descent your feet, it will help you to equalize your ears.
  • After 3-4 meters stop for about 3 minutes, it is called safety stop.
  • Always stay together with your partner.
  • Allways keep your diving plan.
  • Be prepered for unexpected extra circumstances and know what to to in case of „what if…“
  • Do not ascend to fast – recomended ascend ratio is about 9 meters per minute. Or simply do not ascend faster than your bubbles.
  • Be conservative, allways follow the rules, than everything will go easy and you do not hurt.

Tips for air saving:

  • Check if your mask don‘t leak the air.
  • Swim slowly and you will use less air.
  • Do not dive deeper as you have to be, if there is nothing interesting to see, better swim in shallow.
  • Dive more often – you will get more experience and in that way use less air while diving.
  • Be fitted – overweight increases usage of air.

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